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After years of building steel structures for the commercial, industrial, and institutional, agricultural fields we have become authorized builders for the nations. We are now capable of complete design/build construction, and supply when it comes to steel buildings, with our design knowledge and Rigid’s Engineering capabilities.

Nationwide Logo After the devastation of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit the area and destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes and uprooted families from their normal lives, we went looking for ways to help families resume their lives in homes that were built better safer and faster. all of the homes we provide though Nationwide are built to current IRC building codes and can be built to withstand 175 MPH wind gusts, and can be built and ready to live in 2 to 3 months rather than 8 to 12 months like conventional construction.

Construction Services

Design / Build

Either a single firm has both design and construction capabilities in-house, a joint-venture is forged between a designer and a contractor. The project team is led by a contractor, or the project team is led by a designer. Construction Services is your best source for the repair, maintenance and new installation of residential roofing, gutters, windows, and siding.

Services: We Handle Dreams of Every Size

Perhaps your dream means selecting and installing the perfect new kitchen hardware. Or maybe planning a complete kitchen overhaul. Either way, we can help.

Check out the services we provide:


We believe that selecting the right builder is the most important decision you will make when building your new home. If you are looking to create an addition, update the kitchen, repaint the interior or cover the patio, we can help. Please browse through our kitchen, bath and outdoor pages for examples of the many options you have to choose from and then give us a call.


We offer design services, including landscape planning, material selection, and complete interior design. We offer creative and artistic solutions that capture any vision. Below you find several examples:

    Flower and Shrub Selection and Placement

    Deck Arrangement and Stain Colors

    Patio Stones and Furniture Arrangement

    Outdoor Kitchen Design

    Coordinate Cabinets, Handles and Backsplash

    Paint and Faux Finish Selection

    Curtains, Rugs and Other Textiles

    And much more…

Go Green A Healthy Home

Go Green: A Healthy Home

We can help you to find ways to make your HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems work more efficiently.


If you plan to recreate a space in your home or incorporate an addition, consider the benefits of sustainable, green materials offer. Not only will they provide you with peace of mind, knowing that you have chosen quality products for your home, it will also increase resale appeal. Call us today to get more information on your options.

Sample Green Services


    Tankless Water Heaters

    Radiant Barrier for Attics

    Low VOC Paint

    Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows

kitchen remodel

Kitchens: A Smile Every Time

What if your kitchen brought a smile to your face and a special recipe to mind every time you passed by? Inspire yourself, your home and your guests by transforming this every-day space. Just look at all the ways We can help make this dream a reality:

Sample Kitchen Services

    New Cabinet Selection and Installation

    Existing Cabinet Refinishing

    New Cabinet Hardware

    Countertops including Granite, Laminate, Tile, Stone, and More

    Custom Backsplashes

    All Types of New Appliances, Including Wine Coolers and Steam Ovens

    Lighting including Under-Cabinet, Recessed and More

    Custom Vent Hoods

    Tile and Wood Flooring Selection and Installation

Outdoor Spaces: The Benefits of Nature

Imagine lounging in a getaway retreat where the invigorating smell of fresh air and a calm breeze surrounds you. Now imagine coming home to this getaway each and every day. Considering remodeling an outdoor space? we specializes in creating beautiful outdoor kitchens, decks, fireplaces and more. Just take a look at the possibilities:

Sample Outdoor Services

    Outdoor Kitchens

    New Fences

    Existing Fence Repair and Staining

    New Decks

    Existing Deck Services

    Patio Covers


    Outdoor Fireplaces

    Water Features

    Landscape Design

Baths: Relax at Last

Calming lavender, soft towels, and a few candles are …

How Do You Choose a Handyman

ConstructionChoose a HandymanConstructionHandymanHandyman Services

Today’s fast-paced life leaves people with little or no room to attend to the little things in their homes and apartments. Therefore handyman services have become very essential. While most of these handyman services are more or less similar, it is not necessary that all of them will offer exactly the same thing.

So then the question that arises is how does one choose?

Experience is very important

The first thing that one should check on is how much of experience the company comes with. 10 years is what one would consider a good amount in this industry. It is vital for any company that provides handyman services to have been around for some time as this would mean that they have the basic knowledge of how apartments etc are constructed.

Before hiring a local firm to do the job one should check to make sure that the contractor and the business are adequately insured and licensed.

Popular services have an edge over the others

The common thought is that popular handyman services are more expensive than the rest. This might be true. However if one is considering a large project like remodeling a house etc., they make a good choice, here’s why. Therefore if one were to use a handyman such as this, they would be opening themselves up to a world of a new ideas that could possibly be used on their project. Another good aspect of using a handyman service that is popular is that their reputation is far too important to them for them to do a shoddy job.

So You Want To Be A Handyman

So you want to be a Handyman; one thing, if you do not have any handyman experience it seems like a very easy thing to be. Most so-called handymen think since I watched a TV show it is as easy as that.

The truth is most of the time it is not that simple, for instance, if you are going change to the taps in your kitchen. But trust me; it is not as easy as it looks to be a handyman most of the time.

Like anything in life, it is all good until you run into problems. This can refer to a lot of things I think you know what I am saying. Well, let me put it to you, this way. It clicked in that it was your turn at the wheel and one of your parents was there beside you waiting to see what you were capable of.

Know Details Handyman

It is the same as being a Handyman, the first time you tackle a job, make sure it is something that you are sure that you can handle. If not you could find yourself in the middle of a job and your missing something like a tool or a part that is needed for the job, hopefully, you can get this part or tool to finish.

Probably the worst case is you realize that it is not as simple as you thought it was going to be, and you are stuck with a problem like no water at your kitchen tap or whatever. Now you have to call a plumber who will charge you a large amount, or you can call you a Handyman and see if he is available to come over and fix your problem.

One last thing makes sure you are able to tackle the job that you will be attempting or call your local Handyman so you can put your mind at ease and the job will get done. …

Home Projects that require a Handyman Services

ConstructionConstructionHandymanHandyman Services

As a homeowner, you will have many problems to handle on a day to day basis. Around the house, you will face small jobs that require specialist skills or tools. Finding a quality service isn’t as easy as it sounds.

You can also look online and read reviews posted on various websites.  For all those unexpected emergencies, a smart person is one who can offer help and control the situation. You will be happy to hire the company again if they are affordable and offer a quick fix to your problem. When you have to look for a handyman, first find out how much professional experience they have. Have they done a similar task in the industry and how co-operative they are?

Handyman Services

Since there is a variety of work involved, the incumbent must be able to handle all and sundry. As technology advances so do the method of conducting a certain task. It is important to stay abreast of all the latest variations and modern equipment. The handyman should make use of new machinery and techniques. The way to find out is by doing some research on your own. Let’s say you have some plumbing repairs to fix. Use google to learn about the basics as this will put you in a better spot.

Handyman Services

When you have a handful of companies serving in your area, next you will need to select the one which meets your specific needs and budget. One way of doing this is by having a telephonic interview and asking for all the relevant information. You can also read reviews and complaints that have been lodged by past clients. No matter how low their rates are, eliminate handyman services in London with multiple bad reviews online. When you want to finalize the service, call the person and ask them to walk you through the details of the job. Don’t forget to take a written quote. At times, the contractor may put a hidden charge. Anyone you hire for work around your home should be covered by insurance. This saves you from having to pay for any damage or accident that may occur during work. Following these measures will give you the peace of mind that your house is in safe hands. We hope that the tips compiled here will help you in all your future endeavors.

No matter how well the building is, it starts facing a problem after a while. If you call a plumber they will only take care of the matter related to plumbing and if you called carpenter they only excel in managing carpentry tasks.

People hardly have time to call a different person for a different need, for such situations call a professional handyman is the best idea. If the issue is small and does not need any special skill, then can fix several issues that you want to be fixed or they could connect you with the right resource.…